Third Party Ayurvedic Syrups Manufacturers in India

arogya third party syrup manufacturer

Arogya is a well-known name for Ayurvedic& Herbal Third Party Manufacturing of the best quality Ayurvedic Syrup and Tonics in India. We offer in different sizes and as per your requirements. Best third-party ayurvedic syrup manufacturing in India.
Ayurvedic medicines bedrock to work on the root cause of the problem to cure the specified system of our body, and hence we can prolong good health for an extended time. We are herbal contract manufacturing company or Ayurvedic/Herbal Third Party Pharma Manufacturer.
Multiple types of syrups are manufactured to cure several problems in the human body with natural ingredients-Liver tonic, Female tonics for menstrual disorders, memory boost, blood purifiers, Anti-Arthritis, cough syrup, baby tonics, digestive tonic. These indeed help in the body as well as emotional well-being. Equipped with the latest technologies to our processing section complements the manufacturing process. Though all process scrupulously follows the instruction mentioned in the ancient codex, the confederation of modern technologies enables us to add to the production capacity and hold on to the purity of the herbs and plants used, without making concessions in quality.
Arogya cough syrup helps free the respiratory tracts and shield the lungs and throat against infections and viruses. It works as the prime medicine for cough for grown-ups and children. This is a natural safeguard for the respiratory system.
Liver tonic that we provide helps remedy all liver problems. It provides a helping hand in improving metabolism, is mild, and helps control acidity. Baby tonic for new-born and children that helps to promote proper growth and extensive well-being. It is an ayurvedic medicine precisely formulated for kids that helps them control cold and assists digestion, thanks to dominant ingredients that help improve appetite.
We give credence to drop-ship your orders on time. Tone with timelines is our first concern, as it said: “Time is money”.
You definitely can generate your own brand by deploying 3rd party contract manufacturing to Arogya. We will ensure a 3rd party contract manufacturing for your brand with 100% quality levels, herbal and ayurvedic statements, packaging, dispatches to your dealers or central warehouses.

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