Herbal Multi-Vitamin Capsules Manufacturers in India

Arogya Formulation Private Limited has been one of the top Multi-Vitamin Capsules manufacturers for a very long period. Our core team is dedicated to improving and enhancing the quality of the products with extensive research and development process.

We proudly announce ourselves as one of the top multi-vitamin capsules manufacturers in India and being a nutraceuticals product manufacturer, we strive to produce the best quality nutraceuticals products. We focus on expanding our business around the globe by becoming one of the top nutraceuticals product exporters.

1Multivitamin tonic100 ML/200 ML/300 ML/450 MLBottle with label and mono carton (Metallic, Hybrid & Matt finish)
2Multivitamin Capsule30,60, 6X10 & 10X10Child lock container/ Triangular container /Square container/ Blister/Alu-Alu