Herbal Mouth Wash Manufacturers in India

Arogya Formulations Pvt Ltd is one of the leading oral care products manufacturers around the globe. We have been manufacturing the best ayurvedic and herbal mouth wash in India for many years.

Being one of the best herbal mouth wash manufacturers, we take care of using quality material to provide effective and visible results to the users. Arogya Formulations is one of the top mouth wash exporters in India and able to export oral care products around the world.

S.NO. Product NameVariantsPackaging Description
1 ToothpasteCharcoal Toothpaste, Herbal Toothpaste, Sensitivity
Toothpaste, Whitening Toothpaste, Anti-Cavity
Toothpaste, Neem Toothpaste, Miswak Toothpaste,
Clove Toothpaste.
Lamitube/ or as per your requirement
2Mouthwash & Gum PaintCool Mint Mouth Wash, Green Tea Mouth wash,
Peppermint Mouth Wash, Gum Paint, Cavity Fighter
Mouth wash
Bottle Packing/ or as per your requirement
3Tooth PowderCharcoal Tooth Powder, Herbal Toothpowder, Babbol
Tooth Powder
Container Packing/ or as per your requirement