Arogya's History


Where we have come from
Dr. Mohinder Ahuja founded Arogya on 25th March 1997, after practicing Ayurvedic therapies & Surgery for 10 years. From the very beginning, Arogya’s visionary founder focused his company towards providing the patients and the customers with the best of health care products on which they could confidently rely on.

Where are we today
With time, we have grown to develop and dedicate ourselves towards manufacturing of ayurvedic medicines & herbal cosmetics. At present, we are a well-equipped, established, informed and well accepted company with profound professional expertise and self sufficient infrastructure, dedicated to produce quality products. We owe our present status to our esteemed principles that make us a well defined house of herbal manufacturing.

Continuing improvement and innovation
Arogya doesn’t believe in borrowed science but takes Research & Development as the prerequisites of production. At Arogya, we take challenges head on, by trying to find, develop and deliver solutions to problems by tireless research and development focusing to isolate the property of an active ingredient and then using it in most suitable and compatible combinations for best results thereby ensuring length and quality of patients’ lives.

Functions of Research & Development include:

  • Identification and classification of herbs with protective, curative and therapeutic properties.
  • Selection of perfect herbal ingredients for using in formulations.
  • Conducting therapeutic and toxicological studies.
  • Formulation of new products and reviewing and upgrading existing ones.
  • Clinical trials on new products.
  • Monitoring time to time optimized utilization of resources.

We commit to deliver authentic and effective ayurvedic medicines that are affordable. For this purpose, the Company has set aside substantial funds to be invested in R&D projects.