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Hand Sanitizer:

Only one to keep out safe to you and your family by washing your hands through the liquid, gel, or foam-based hand sanitizer. Keeping your hands clean using sanitizers is an important part of keeping yourself germ-free, and maintaining good hygiene. However, given the fast-paced lifestyle that we live in today, washing hands with the good old liquid hand wash and water may not be possible without a sink nearby. That’s precisely why hand sanitizers come into the picture. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), using hand sanitizers is an ‘Excellent’ way to clean your hands when not near a sink, and they say so because.

  • Hand sanitizers are effective
  • Hand sanitizers prevent the growth of bacteria
  • Hand sanitizers are gentler on the skin when compared to soaps
  • Hand sanitizers kills 99.9% of germs , bacteria & viruses
  • Hand sanitizers are safe to children


It is observed that hand sanitizer deep clean your hands more effectively than soap and water, and it also reduces infections. Researches have shown that when you clean your hands with a hand sanitizer, they tend to stay clean longer than if you were to clean them using soap and water. The hand sanitizer also prevents the transmission of pathogens from one person to the other. In general, alcohol-based hand sanitizers, if rubbed thoroughly over finger and hand surfaces for a period of 20 seconds, followed by complete air-drying, can effectively reduce populations of bacteria, fungi, and viruses. Hand sanitizers effectively control the transmission of infection, especially where hand hygiene is poor.

Gentle on Hand:

One of the questions that arise in everyone’s mind today about hand sanitizers is that the use of hand sanitizers will make pathogen resistant to treatment. But, the way hand sanitizers work is based on the cell-membrane disruption caused by the chemicals present in the sanitizers, this is not something that the pathogens can become resistant to. This doesn’t cause any physical harm to you and keeps your hands deep clean and healthy.

Soap vs Hand Sanitizer:

Sanitizers have traditionally been more effective against pathogens. A small quantity can wipe out almost all pathogens present on the hands. Usually, liquid soaps needed for the same purpose tend to dry up the skin, unlike sanitizers.

While there are many benefits of using hand sanitizers, it is important that you use them correctly. Here are a few things to keep in mind when you are using a hand sanitizer:

  • Before you use the hand sanitizer on your hand, ensure that your hands aren’t contaminated with visible dirt.
  • Alcohol-based hand sanitizers that contain isopropyl alcohol or ethanol in percentages between 60 and 95 are most effective.
  • Apply the hand sanitizer on the entire palm and rub it for approximately 20 – 30 seconds.
  • While you are rubbing the hand sanitizer, apply it between your fingers, under your nails, jewelry, along your wrists, and the back of your hands.
  • Let your hands dry.

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