Dr. Mohinder Ahuja and his wife Dr. Shobha Ahuja together founded Arogya Formulations as a healthcare pharmaceutical company manufacturing ayurvedic medicines & herbal cosmetics.

Graduates in ayurvedic medicine & surgery from Gurukul Kangri University, Haridwar with a decade of experience in practicing ayurvedic therapies as doctors; having expertise in herbal manufacturing technology, Dr. Ahuja climbed the ladder of entrepreneur success and is the visionary leader of Arogya.

The corner stone building block of this company has been Dr. Ahuja’s ideology of using, maintaining the highest standards of quality at all levels and considering Arogya’s team as the biggest asset in serving the best to its customers. By their regular efforts, wisdom and hard work Arogya has risen from a fifty thousand investment to a multi turnover business delivering health products and serving mankind.